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commercial-asbestos-removals-qldAdhering to regulations when removing asbestos from your premises

We provide highly trained operatives and supervisors to handle various asbestos needs that the commercial client may require.

Common areas, which require attention, include ceilings, floor tiles, boiler rooms and service ducts. We can carry out most projects so that we are able to minimize the clients’ loss of time and money. Most projects can be completed out of hours and during weekends.

Most commercial premises have boiler rooms, which can contain some types of asbestos. These include but are not limited to, pipe lagging, boiler lagging, pipe gaskets, insulating boarding, fire proofing and various other types of product, which can contain asbestos materials.

We are able to coordinate the management of your asbestos materials, whether it is environmental cleaning, encapsulation or complete removal and disposal of these materials. We work together with the client to best manage these items so that the client can assure the occupiers / maintenance staff that the area is safe to carry out normal every day activities

Asbestos Removalists QLD coordinates and manages all aspects of asbestos abatement projects. Before abatement work begins, our personnel ensure that the containment and decontamination facilities are properly constructed. During the project, the hygienist performs daily air monitoring inside and outside the containment and observes the contractor’s activities to ensure the work is properly performed.

Once abatement is completed and before the containment is removed, the hygienist performs a visual inspection and aggressive clearance air monitoring of the work area to ensure the area is safe for re-occupancy.

Asbestos removal is a much specialised and highly regulated operation, and we pride ourselves on the efficiency and commitment of our team of experienced asbestos removal specialists.

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