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The Removal Process

the-process-asbestos-removals-qldWe will create a safe removal management plan specific to your needs and keep you fully informed of the removal process.

We will encapsulate the affected area  to ensure that all airborne particles remain within the working site.

To prevent the escape of airborne asbestos fibres from an enclosed asbestos work area, an exhaust extraction fan will be installed in order to create a negative air pressure within the enclosed asbestos work area.

The extraction equipment will operate continuously until all asbestos removal and decontamination tasks within the enclosure have been completed.

Smart Kiwi Konnections has a state of the art purpose built,

3 Three Stage Mobile Decontamination Unit with hot and cold showers/changing room.

This 3 stage unit is used solely for the decontamination of  all (PPE) Personal, Protection, Equipment.

The mobile unit acts as a barricade between the removal worksite and the external path to ensure all personal are fully decontaminated upon exiting the unit.

Together with signage, partitions, and fencing, our exclusion zone is erected to ensure the public does not enter whilst the ACM is being safely removed.

Airborne asbestos fibre sampling assists in assessing the effectiveness of control measures. Air monitoring includes control monitoring and clearance monitoring. Air monitoring is performed whenever ACM is being removed to ensure the control measures are effective.

We are licensed by the Environmental Protection Authority  (EPA)  ENRE04484112 to transport and dispose of ACM safely and provide a waste tracking certificate.

We are committed to safety at all times for our staff and clients.  We regularly update our equipment to meet the safety standard that our company prides itself on. Tag and testing of all equipment is carried out on a regular basis together with the servicing of our fleet vehicles.

Our team of highly experienced, certified with both A and B Class licenses allows us to ensure the safe and professional removal of both bonded and friable asbestos removal to leave the job in a clean, tidy and above all else – a safe manor.

We ensure that our clients are well informed from the initial enquiry to well beyond job completion. Our aim is to always provide our clients with unparalleled peace-of-mind and satisfaction.

It is testimony when our private asbestos removal work is generated from the referral of our satisfied customers.

Our most common private work for ACM removal includes:

-  All Internal and External Sheeting
-  Kitchens
-  Bathrooms
-  Laundry
-  Sheds and Garages
-  Soffits
-  Fences
-  Roof Sheeting
- Soil Contamination

We also provide:
-  Asbestos Testing
-  Asbestos Inspections
-  Risk Assessments
-  Light Demolition
-  Pick up and disposal of ACM waste
-  High Barrier Fencing/Signage

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral which has been mined and manufactured for use in different forms. It has been extensively used in the building industry because of its strength, durability and fire resistant properties.

Types of Asbestos

The two main types of asbestos used in buildings and construction include bonded or tightly bound asbestos and friable or loosely bound asbestos.

Bonded Asbestos

Asbestos found in residential homes.
It is made up of a bonding substance, such as cement, and up to 15% of
asbestos and is also commonly known as Fibro, asbestos cement or AC sheeting.

Friable Asbestos

Most commonly found in commercial and industrial buildings for fire proofing, sound proofing and insulations.

It can also be found in stoves, hot water systems and vinyl and linoleum floor coverings.
This type of asbestosis made up of 100% asbestos and disintegrates, turning to dust upon touching. It must be removed by those with an A Class certificate.


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